Schedule | IMA InfoDay

InfoDay 2021 in Troja Castle

Thursday – November 11, 2021 at 13:00


13:00 / Welcome drink and registration

Not only registration and prescribed anti-epidemiological measures, but also moments for personal meetings, which are so lacking nowadays.

13:30 / Presentations session 1

13:30 Tomáš Trpišovský Opening, welcome speech download pdf
Brief framework for the meeting. Strategic strengthening of IMA by joining WITTE Automotive Group. Examples of IMA innovations on the basis of the expected development of micro and nano electronics.
13:45 Jiří Bárta, Jan Schlechter, Karel Kalivoda News in IMA identification systems download pdf
An overview of IMA innovations and examples of their practical use by customers. Vision for the development of key IMA products.
14:00 Michael Tüllmann WITTE Digital — Introduction of flinkey & beyond download pdf
Flinkey as a specific access control system for the automotive industry. The vision of integrating IMAporter into applications for the German market. The idea of using IMA as a development centre for the WITTE group.
14:15 Jiří Havlík, Michal Kašpárek News in the areas of grant projects with IMA participation download pdf
Information about selected international IMA projects in the automotive field – AI4CSM, ArchitectECA2030, NewControl, AI4DI, STORAIGE. Examples of achieved results.

14:30 / Coffe break

A tour of the magnificent castle grounds.

15:00 / Presentations session 2

The intention of the afternoon session was to demonstrate IMA’s long-term philosophy of understanding the direction of microelectronics development and translating innovations into concrete innovations of IMA’s own products and systems. To help us do this, we brought in experts from industry and academia.
15:00 Michal Kotrouš OKbase — basics of attendance system download pdf
Example of successful integration of OKbase attendance system with IMA electronic identification.
15:20 Věra Šmídová ElA blockchain is not a cryptocurrency download pdf
IMA is a member of the Electrotechnical Association of the Czech Republic. A blockchain platform for commercial use has been prepared within the association. In the presentation you will find examples of use.
15:40 Miroslav Husák Mikro/nano electronics — news and outlook download pdf
The evolutionary development of classical microelectronics has already hit physical limits. The vision presented not only envisages the use of new and unusual materials, but also suggests a paradigm shift towards quantum computers, machine learning, artificial intelligence, among others…
16:00 Tomáš Bureš ML and NN in Embedded systems for gesture recognition download pdf
The presentation briefly shows a concrete use of neural network for gesture recognition. An interesting feature is the economical implementation in a simple RH850 processor.
16:20 Jaap Kautz Eurostars SACON — Smart access control for smart buildings download pdf
Within the framework of an international project, the integration of the IMAporter identification system with the localization system of the Dutch partner was prepared. The solution is designed for smart buildings and uses the bGrid® standard.
16:40 Jaroslav Kadlec Autosar — Automotive technology in practice download pdf
The author illustrates the framework information about the comprehensive Autosar standard with a practical implementation of longboard electronics with transmission of operational data to the bracelet/watch.
17:00 Josef Lazar Modern technologies of the Institute of Instrumentation of the CAS download pdf
The Institute is an absolute world leader in the field of electron microscopy and other special equipment. The list of its activities and selected results is an inspiration for microelectronic visionaries.
17:20 Jakub Rozkydal ISIC — identification systems in schools download pdf
ISIC is a worldwide issuer of student identification cards. In cooperation with the IMA, it is preparing the transition to mobile IDs, using the IMAporter identification platform.

17:30 / Discussion, workshops for presentations, tour of the castle, refreshments



  • IMA – IMAporter access control system
  • WITTE Digital – Flinkey demonstrator
  • ASSA ABLOY – Traka key management
  • LLEV desing studio – Mycelium
  • 2KSys – Skateboard
  • ECSEL project DAIS – Artificial intelligence for the digital industry
  • Eurostar project SACON – Smart access control system for smart buildings
  • OKsystem – Attendance systems
  • IMA & WITTE – Gesture Recognition



18:00 / „The jungle never sleeps”

For those of you who want to refresh yourselves with the sounds and smells of the night forest, we have prepared in cooperation with the Botanical Garden guided tours of the darkened Fata Morgana greenhouse.

There are 2 requirements to participate:

– Walk from Troja Castle to the Fata Morgana greenhouse (The greenhouse is less than 15 minutes walk up a gentle hill.)

– Sign up in advance (Due to limited capacity, we need to know if we can count on you for any of the tours.)

There’s definitely something to look forward to 🙂

18:00—19:00 group 1 SUBSCRIBE!
18:20—19:20 group 2 SUBSCRIBE!
18:40—19:40 group 3 SUBSCRIBE!
19:00—20:00 group 4 SUBSCRIBE!